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Fissure #10
Leilani Estates Lava Fire

Empowering Artists to Help Nature & Community



Word & Art Exhibition


     Tea Roots is a non-profit organization that aims to spearhead social and environmental change through the empowerment of under-represented artists. Currently, Tea Roots invites artists to address "Cultural Mobility" and Climate Migration because of the UN anticipation of one billion human climate migrations.

   Tea Roots is hosting a visual art exhibition, Climate Migration & Cultural Mobility (CMCM), which will also include live poetry, galas, performance art, and an artist-community exchange. 

     Tea Roots’ primary aim is to bring public attention to the urgency and impending changes in our landscape that include climate migrants locally and internationally. The Open Call will be announced this spring.* MORE

Map California Central valley was a lake_edited.jpg


      The San Francisco Mission District's 2022 NYE flood caused damage to businesses in historic swamp-lands (outlined in green below).  Few know that these areas are where water has naturally flowed for millennia.  Yet, businesses and residents are blaming the City for clogged sewers.  These businesses will eventually have to migrate to higher ground or leave the City due to rising water levels and costs.*


     Tea Roots is excited to welcome Anastasia Podvysotska. She is a young visual artist, poet, architecture professional, and immigrant from Ukraine.  She is the newest Tea Roots member who took an assisting role in organizing the CMCM exhibition. Last year, she participated in Tea Roots research expeditions to California wildfire sites.

    She brings her community organizing experience from facilitating weekly art events as a co-founder of Be Art Collaborative. Her artistic vision and approach to presents socially crucial and sensitive themes to the public.

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   “There’s beauty in everything -- even in our problems. It’s just a matter of how we look at things. All of my artwork is based on real places and events from my life. Actually, most of my inspiration comes from dramatic experiences, fears and sadness. Painting is my way to process emotions and find beautiful aspects in everything.” — Anastasia Podvysotska.*

Halemaumau Fire Crater Within Kilauea Crater.JPG

     The title video at the top is Fissure #10 from the Leilani Estates lava fire.  The above photograph is the Halemaʻumaʻu Crater erupting LIVE in the Kīlauea Crater (Click to watch).  Artists recently returned from a Tea Roots expedition to Hawaii to capture new life in those post-lava flow habitats. 

    Expedition leader and Executive Director David T. Pang shares his experiences, searching for new life in his essay - Zen and the Art of Healing After Flow.*


    Tea Roots is pleased to announce​ that the new Healing After Wildfire (HAW) greeting cards are now available online.  The cards capture breathtaking scenes of new life and growing habitats with vivid color, in print!

  This quarter, Tea Roots features the following card with poetry by Wanda Sabir:

        Rock Overlooking Pacific Ocean
                 2018 Woolsey Fire, CA

     This photographer statement is on the back of the card (which also includes a poem attachment): 

After a fire-blackened environment, streamlines of yellow mustard flowers flanked both sides as we drove up Corral Canyon Road. At the top of the mountain, the royal purple lupine flowers held their ground on Backbone Trail overseeing the Pacific Ocean, and they spoke in all tongues.                      


                     -- Photographer David T. Pang

     The HAW Greeting Card program is an Earned Income Initiative of Tea Roots that provides publication opportunities for poets. HAW is a unique tool to increase public awareness of important issues related to wildfires, Climate Migration, and environmental protection.

   Due to recent weather tragedies and challenges, Tea Roots is focused on increasing public awareness of the dynamics of Climate Migration within a cultural context.*

Tea Roots is a community-supported, All-Volunteer-Based organization.

Your contribution makes a difference!

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