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HEALING AFTER WILDFIRE is a non-profit project of Tea Roots. It represents a healing, Native American perspective of forest fires as a natural cycle of soil enrichment and re-growth, which sustains plant propagation and wildlife. David T. Pang,Photographer 4/30/18

Oak by the Lake - Nuns Fire, CA - TR19

  • I returned to watch the setting sunlight where we previously enjoyed our lunch-time break from an ecological survey by the edge of a lake in Trione- Annadel State Park. Woodpeckers broke meal with us from acorns nestled in the holes that they pecked in the blackened tree bark of snags after the fire. Years of drought, followed by recent abundant rain, expanded the edge of the water beyond the oak tree. The blackened stump, unveiled views of the singed forest across the lake. This wildfire will soon nourish the grass, the reeds, the birds, and the forest toward recuperation.

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