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HEALING AFTER WILDFIRE is a non-profit project of Tea Roots. It represents a healing, Native American perspective of forest fires as a natural cycle of soil enrichment and re-growth, which sustains plant propagation and wildlife.

Trail to 1000 Lakes of Hell - Eiler Fire, CA - TR05

  • I lost my pink heel shoe in those pink petunias, after laying in them staring up at the sun, kicking my feet, and with fingers on my head making snow-devilson the flowery carpet. This is our /st day sauntering on the trail to the bosom of the "Thousand Lakes Wilderness" in Lassen Volcanic National Park. An ancient IO,OOO ft tall volcano popped it's top off thousands of years ago, and the land mass oozed down to form many cute lakes at the base of Crater Peak. Due to past federal management practices and rampant
    loggers degrading the soil and crushing the seedlings, new trees require additional years to regenerate from the firestorm of hell which started four years ago. -Divine Pearle, Photographer 7/8/18

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